Doctors are expected to declare all financial conflicts of interest at scientific talks, but patients have been left in the dark when it comes to their very own doctor’s involvement with drug companies.

There’s also evidence to suggest that Canada’s medical community isn’t exactly free of pharma influence, nor are the policies guiding interactions with industry at faculties of medicine all that stringent.

A Requisite for Boundaries

To be sure, the push for transparency is not altogether new. The United States, in what is the world’s most sophisticated pharmaceutical market, recently passed the Sunshine Act to have all payments from as little as $10 reported to the federal government. France, Scotland and Denmark have followed suit. Canada currently has no such legislation in the works.

Countries with Policies Already in Place

By 2015 more than 70% of drug sales will be in countries with such measures- Deloitte Consulting LLP


Why is it Apple Cider Vinegar is gaining mainstream Attention

Apple cider vinegar is a fruit vinegar that has apples obviously. The secret is you have to make use of Organice apple cider vinegar and also make certain to purchase a more well known brand name or that is recommedned by a nutrionist. When put on the skin, it could assist in reducing your acne, abnormal skin growths, as well as lots of various skin issues such as eczema. Many individuals will use A-C-V to their bathwater in order to enhance the wellness of their skin as well as getting rid of that skin. Cider vinegar has been known to alleviates heartburn, boosts your energy, is a natural home remedy for sleeping disorders, assists with food digestion, as well as enhances the body immune system.

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Pre Diabetes – Good News is You Do Not have Diabetes

Did you know there are over 29 million Americans that are affected some form of diabetes? In the state of Virginia you will find just about two million people that are considered to have some sort of pre-diabetes. This means that the levels of blood sugar is just above the normal level. With this diagnosis, the individual has an increase chance of having type II diabetes and the possibility of a heart disease in the future.

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Shocking new study on Diet and Pregnancy

Shocking new study has revealed pregnant woman are not eating enough food from top five food groups. Importing groups are veggies, fruits, dairy, cereals and meats [chicken, fish]. Also included are alternatives such as tofu, nuts, and beans which is considered vegetables.

The study had 850 pregnant ladies in the experiment and discovered that 37 percent did not eat enough of the five food groups. Also 35% of them did not eat enough of one of the major food groups.

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Eczema and the power of arthritis drugs

A new Eczema therapy has been making positive stride in controlling this skin condition by using a drug that is originally designed to treat arthritis. Eczema known by its medical term Atopic Dermatitis is a common skin conditions in newborns and sometimes continue throughout their lives into adulthoods.

This new drugs was treated to six individuals with Eczema (mid to severe cases) in a trail run. The study shows that the individuals were treated successfully. Many of them had a reduction of itchiness. What is interesting is that these individuals tried many different Eczema treatments in the past with no success. They felt more relief after the treatment and a lot happier.

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