3d Company and Prosthetics News

It ceases to amaze us the amazing tech of printing 3-D objects for modern use. With this new technology, spurred many new companies from around the globe looking into using it for their businesses. In the medical world it has become quite a lifesaver because the ability to manufacture medical tools as well as prosthetics on the spot has made it valuable beyond our imagination. This is very important in poorer countries as many of these tools and prosthetics are not readily available. Having a 3-D printer capable of producing such objects is definitely has the future look promising.

There are two main startups that focuses on manufacturing prosthetics that have been gaining word on the web and they are Voodoo and Bioniks. Bioniks is a startup from the country of Pakistan and has successfully created 25 prosthetics bionic limbs so far. These prosthetics are custom made and tailored for the individuals in need. Pakistan does not have a company like this, so the CEO is quite proud especially it involves helping people who are going through a traumatic experience.

The money that they receive comes from outside sources and campaigns. You can learn more about their campaign and Company by checking this video (zingohub.com) The company’s plans is to reduce the cost as they are not yet sustainable at the moment.

What is cool about the company is that they also can modify the prosthetic even further than just the mould in a funer way. What we mean by this is one of the prosthetics that they sent to a young boy was custom made further to incorporate a lighting system. The young five-year-old was a big fan of superheroes, so in the prosthetics they included this light where it shoots out a beam simply by the touch of a button located at the top of the mould.