Asthma. What to know!

Asthma is an annoying condition that affects people of all ages especially in younger and older individuals. Many experts still do not know the actual root cause of it but the leading reason is that it is allergies and cause by genetics. There has been studies that shown that parents who have or at least one parent who has asthma will likely pass it on to their children. This is not to say that asthma will ruin a person’s life as there has been strong research and information that is provided to help live with the condition with practically symptom-free. As in anything the key is a healthier lifestyle.

Understanding Asthma

It is considered a disease of the lung that is chronic which will narrow the body’s airway from inflammation. So when someone has an attack the airway of the lungs will swell and be inflamed thus creating a narrow passage down the airway. This leads an episode of trouble and difficulty of breathing. The obvious symptoms are chronic coughing and breathing heavy as if that person is trying to get air.

Other Triggers

Genetics and allergies are the leading cause of asthma but it can be enhanced or even cause the condition by outside environments such as heavy smoking and breathing in polluted air. Parents of young children who have asthma are educated by the health authorities to vacuum and keeping a clean environment. This also includes cleaning out the ducts of the house and making sure that there is no mould presiding in the house.

How to Treat?

If you notice your young child or yourself in constant heavy breathing such as having shortness of breath from normal activities, then please see a doctor. Funny of the triggers is the most important as the doctor will try to provide all the information to you. The goal is to minimize the environment of triggers that causes asthma by looking at patterns or connections that person has an episode of an asthma attack.

If the asthma is severe the doctor will provide a asthma inhaler as this unit will be absolutely important to that person when attack does come. Only get in inhaler from a prescription provided by your doctor as there are many units on the public market that are in fact dangerous to use. Another aspect to look into is to have a better environment(like Eczema) such as purchasing a purifier for the household. You can even go to the route of having natural remedies in the household. Using herbs such as chamomile or eucalyptus has been documented to help minimize symptoms. Understand it is not a cure all but if you follow what is mentioned above and following what the doctor recommendations you will certainly have a normal life.