Cool things about Honey

There is no debate on why honey is so great and it’s because of its sweet taste. Being a natural sweetener, it has become synonymous with being a healthy product along with the ever popular apple cider vinegar. What is interesting is how it is produced. Looking at a closer look, honey has many amazing substance such as minerals, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and sugar. It carries a lot of health benefits that many people already know because it is found throughout many health stores. Just be careful with one thing, honey does have fructose so moderation is key.

In the United States they are over 300 different types of varieties of honey. What makes them different from one another is the taste and the color. It will be dependent on where the bees are getting their nectar. When you purchase honey and look at the color you will notice that they come in different shades of yellow to orange. These different shades of color have meaning to them in terms of taste. The lighter color varieties tend to have a milder flavor as compared to the darker honeys. Apparently the darker shades of honey are from colonies that harvest nectar from wildflowers.

Nature is Beautiful

Looking at the process on how colonies collect their ingredients to make honey is quite fascinating. Around 50,000 bees are needed for the process. These bees will travel over 50,000 miles in total and during this journey will visit 2 million different types of flowers. The bees collect the nectar from the flower and store it into their second stomach. This accounts to 1 pound of produced honey.

During the process of nectar collecting the bees will store it in their stomachs and this will naturally mixed with the bee’s stomach enzyme. This nectar can be passed on to other bees via the mouth by regurgitation until it is placed in a honeycomb. The last step is for the bees to help the water evaporate from this substance in order to create the honey. They do this by fanning their wings above the honeycomb. The finish honey is then sealed with a liquid from the stomach of the bees that will help harden the casing which is known as beeswax.

Cool benefits of this liquid

honey benefits

If your throat is sore and you’re coughing using sweet honey may help you. If you notice at the pharmacy, many cough medicines will have honey as one of its ingredients. It helps by building a protective coating inside your mouth and also helps relieve any pain associated with sore throats. It will also help you sleep at night. One of the best home remedies is mixing honey with ginger tea and a hint of lime. You can make your own ginger tea by slicing up some real fresh ginger and boiling it in a hot pot for 10 minutes. Then it is up to you how long after the 10 minute mark to continue simmering the ginger. The longer you simmer the spicy it will be. When the ginger tea is ready, just add a tablespoon or more of honey to your taste. It will also provide you a good boost and you will be more active.

Honey also contains some sort of antibacterial element to it which helps with ulcers and healing small wounds. The honey is more effective when it is un-Process and one type that is known to have this property at the highest quality is called Manuka. You can look it up online to read more about it.