Grape Skin is not a fountain of Youth Component?

In our last article on honey we looked at the many benefits including the natural antiseptic that it possess. Today we will focus on the benefits of Grapes. The skin of the Grape is known to have some sort of anti-oxidant that may indeed help with reducing the risk of diseases such as cancer and Alzheimers (info on reducing risks). Note that this also includes skins of other berries. New research has brought upon mixed results on whether the same antioxidants help with reducing the aging factor. Looking at new evidence from the School of Virginia Tech has found that there is an element called the Resveratrol (R) that may be the key.

From research, this R is able to protect the muscle and brain fibers that are connected by neural components which may in fact help with slowing down the aging process. According to other researchers, this may be compelling enough evidence that truly indicate a fountain of youth type product.

But let’s not jump to a conclusion!

The main basis in R is the improvement of the coordination of signals between the muscles and neurons which help our human muscles move and flex. Apparently this connection of signals declines as we age and this in turn decreases the motor coordination that is common in old age.

Avoid Motor Coordination Degradation

The common thinking in reducing this effects if degeneration of these signals is by doing exercises and having a healthy diet. Now it is suggested that Resveratrol (R) may fit in that same category. Looking at the one year study using mice, there has been strong evidence that R does help with decreasing the degeneration by up to 18%.

honey benefits

From this study, R only preserves the functions and decreases the aging factor but does not build any structures that will suggest a reverse in aging. So right now it is still a bit early on whether R or grape skins are truly a fountain of youth product. The benefits is that it only slows the aging process down to a certain extent and helps with lowering risk of certain diseases.

Quick Facts on Grapes

HDried grapes are known as simply raisins and is derived from the French word “Raisin”. Other names referring to dried grapes depending on the variety are Currant and Sultana(Turkey origin). Raisins can be made from either white or red grapes.

The top 5 producers of this sweet fruit are the following:

  1. Spain
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. Turkey
  5. United States