Pre Diabetes – Good News is You Do Not have Diabetes

Did you know there are over 29 million Americans that are affected some form of diabetes? In the state of Virginia you will find just about two million people that are considered to have some sort of pre-diabetes. This means that the levels of blood sugar is just above the normal level. With this diagnosis, the individual has an increase chance of having type II diabetes and the possibility of a heart disease in the future.

Pre-diabetes symptoms include feeling thirsty all-time, the occasion hunger, going to the bathroom often and feeling tired. Overall there isn’t really clear sign because the symptoms could some other underlying medical issue.

The point is you’re very close to having diabetes but you have a chance to not have it. It is important for a individual to do regular checkups to find out they do have pre-diabetes, so that way is chance a chance to do something about it.

It is recommended if you are over 50 years old, have a family history of heart issues or diabetes, have a ethnic background, and if you’re overweight.

To combat pre-diabetes, it is important to have an active lifestyle and to eat healthy. It is important to continue this even if you are free from pre-diabetes because he can easily creep back.

When you’re considering food your diet make sure to include many different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Low-fat dairy and whole-grain are very important in maintaining a healthy body as well as providing the energy needed.

It is best to avoid any kind of soda drinks and to consume lots of water and the occasion green tea. The most important part of the diet is portion size. Following the Japanese diet, small portions and to eat at 80% or 90% full is key to having a fit lifestyle.