Exercise Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer's

It's not surprising that exercise is really good for you and the fact that it benefits your health. The downside is that the population of human being did not like to exercise while the majority that is. An interesting fact is that only 20% of all United States citizens get the required cardiovascular exercise per week. 50% of baby boomers eight doing income exercise and on top of that, 80 million Americans that is over the age of five are considered an active according to Time Magazine.

That is one sad fact that over a third of Americans do not get the required exercise or physical activity that is needed on a daily basis. This may become a problem in a few decades for those who are not covered for medical bills as this is an controversial's subject(universal care) nowadays. Exercise is a best preemptive solution for a healthy population of any country.

Education is needed for people to understand that exercise at any age is important. A big positive is the potential of not having to take any pills for life such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol pills down the road because these or high cost medicine. The fact that the United States does not have coverage for many of its citizen and being one of the unhealthiest country is a scary thought. As of right now there is no pill that is considered an equivalent to exercise.

Exercise not only benefits your long-term health but also your mental state. There has been a variety of studies that has shown that those who exercise on a regular basis will suffer lesser depression than those who do not. Also your memory of short and long-term will dramatically improves and will delay the risk of Alzheimer's. Apparently exercise helps with the blood flow through the body especially to the brain feeding new vessels of blood. A protein in the brain called BDNF will create new neurons which helps protect and fix any brain cells in trouble. This protein is enhanced when there is positive blood flow and this can be achieved by regular exercise.

Happiness is the leading cause of a longer life for many. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, exercise will help with your mental state. What is great is that any kind of exercise is a positive one. It can be minimal exercise such as a brisk walk or riding your bike for a half hour. Doing these two kinds of activities 2 or 3 times a week will help in a positive way.

Have you ever thought of the fountain of youth anytime your life? Well exercising is the key as it has shown that it has a positive effect on your skin making you look much younger than you are. As mentioned earlier, exercise improves blood flow and this process helps move oxygen through the body. This helps with skin repair as well as receiving nutrients from the improve flow of blood through the system. Along with exercising, make sure to also eat healthy for better looking skin. For more skin condition tips read our previous article.