Shocking new study on Diet and Pregnancy

Shocking new study has revealed pregnant woman are not eating enough food from top five food groups. Importing groups are veggies, fruits, dairy, cereals and meats [chicken, fish]. Also included are alternatives such as tofu, nuts, and beans which is considered vegetables.

The study had 850 pregnant ladies in the experiment and discovered that 37 percent did not eat enough of the five food groups. Also 35% of them did not eat enough of one of the major food groups.

Pregnancy Study

What is interesting is that 75% of the ladies thought they were eating healthy. One reason for that thinking is the confusion in the media, books, and other researches that have been’s spewing contradicting information on restriction of certain foods during pregnancy. One good example is the news on fish that has a high content of mercury throughout the world, therefore avoiding fish which is very important food that is recommended for consumption during pregnancy

What is needed are strict national guidelines where it is consistent throughout the nation. It is very important because the diet of pregnant lady influences short/long term health of the child to be.

One popular food group is fruits with more than half meeting the requirements. Next group was dairy which a quarter of them met the requirements. What the guidelines is looking in the updated version is five servings of vegetables or beings. Two servings of fruits, example banana and a apricot. Next, eight servings of green such as a slice of bread, brown rice and porridge. Next is 3 ½ servings of meat, fish, eggs, chicken, beans or nuts. Lastly, 2 ½ servings of dairy such as milk, cheese, yogurt and any other dairy alternatives that provides calcium.